Jade Jordan – Stripper ASS FUCKED on Christmas Eve

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Some strippers seriously need a release from their jobs. The one (stripper) present in this video is no exception. It was turning morning, and she (the stripper) was running slightly behind her work schedule. At first, this was okay–at least, this is what she thought. Initially, it seemed as if she would be a few minutes behind. Things went sour, so to speak, when she ordered an Uber, and her phone went out. Before continuing, just for a little context, this stripper–going by the name of Jade Jordan–was in her early thirties and living with a roommate; his name was Ricky. She pretty much hated her life and lived it as sort of a machine. To continue, Jade’s phone ran out of juice, and at this point, she was finally desperate for a ride. Asking Ricky for a ride was literally her only option–if she hoped to get to work. As for Ricky, a slob-of-a-roommate and horny momma’ s boy, he was willing to help for an actual price. At first, he told her she needed to pay fifty dollars for gas. Everything seemed to be normally flowing in conversation, until he switched his mind as soon as she agreed to pay, right as they were about to leave. He told her that she needed to let him fuck her ass or the deal is off. Jade, being the slut she is, agreed and started sucking him off, albeit reluctantly. She began sucking him backwards, hanging off the bed. And at some point, she switched to her stomach, her ass facing the ceiling. She had a butt plug in, so Ricky took it out and began RAMMING her pussy in the bull-d*g position. This advanced to the rapid bull-fucking of her ASS HOLE. After he ruined both her ass and pussy in that position, he finished on her pussy–after reaching climax from rubbing his meat in her wet, sloppy ass hole. She ended up not receiving a ride AND completely missing her work day!

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