Innocent Girlfriend Turned Latex Cuckoldress – Princess Miki

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I’ve always been your sweet, caring, and gentle girlfriend. Our entire relationship has been as normal and loving as could be, which is why I was shocked to see the things you view when I’m not around.

I accidentally stumbled upon your porn library because you mistakenly left your laptop open. I couldn’t help but explore some of the titles of the videos you have been watching in secret… videos having to do with humiliation, cuckolding — topics that are rather extreme and deviant considering the kind of relationship we have.

I sit you down, conservatively dressed, compelled to ask you about this to straighten things out. I tell you that of course, I don’t mind you watching porn, but the things you watch are a little concerning, since it’s not at all reflective of the kind of relationship we have. It was eye opening, really, to see what you were really aroused by.

After a few minutes of discussion, I tell you to sit and wait for a bit, I have something to show you.

I come back dressed in a black latex catsuit and thigh high boots. You’re shocked, of course, to see your loving, doting girlfriend looking like the sexy, dominant woman of your dreams.

My tone changes, and I sound more confident and assertive than ever. I tell you that I wished I knew about this earlier, that what you really wanted was a powerful, manipulative, and constantly cheating girlfriend. You want a tease, a humiliatrix, and the videos gave Me insight on who you really are.

I show off My latex clad body, detailing all the things I’ll do to you as the cuckoldress I’m about to become. You’re aroused, and I encourage you to touch yourself as I define what our relationship will be from now on.

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