I Want To Destroy Your Marriage 720p – British Bratz – Alexa Brooke

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Firstly your marriage is a joke, a total shambles so to destroy it would be a blessing in disguise for your wife. I know you cant resist me, I am the only thing that makes your dick twitch with excitement. You spend more time stroking to me than you have ever spent with your wife and its me whos constantly on your mind. You would do anything for me, right? Look at my hot body, compare it. There is no comparison. You long after me, your wife is nothing more than obstacle in the way of your passion for me. Shouldnt you be with wifey right now but instead you are panting over my hot body and alluring presence. You belong to me and to have complete control over you would be a dream come true. Leave her, leave her for me. All you need is a little nudge in the right direction and you will be all mine. Can you imagine how great that would feel? Go on, do it then you can stroke to me all day, every day.

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