HumiliationPOV – I Found Your Goon Collection Now I Know How To Get In Your Brain

Duration: 12:0s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

While you were at work I found your goon collection of porn videos.. What do they even do for you? Show your girlfriend what you do when she’s not here. Well that worked, didn’t it? Look at you, are you still in there? Can you even think? Is your brain just mush now? Take your cock out. You’re so malleable in this state, aren’t you? It’s hard to think. It’s hard to do anything except stroke, stroke, stroke. All you want to is just stroke. You just love to goon and stroke and never cum because you’re not allowed to cum, are you? No, I won’t allow that. All you can do is goon and stroke. You’re so fucked up, do you even remember my name? It’s Mistress to you now. Say it, say Mistress. I’m not your girlfriend any more. I’m your Mistress and you’re going to goon for me like the good little boy that you are. You feel so fucked up right now, you can’t even feel anything, or you can feel everything, can’t you? It’s so intense. Now feel it, feel how it just confuses your mind and makes your cock feel so good. It’s so intense and touching your cock when you’re like this is just so much better. It feels so much better when you stroke and stroke and goon and goon. You’re a little gooner bitch, you’re not my boyfriend any more. Now that I’ve found your collection I know what I can do to you. I know how to get in your brain. You have a new addiction and it’s just rattling your brain around and making your cock so hard. Well I can use that against you. I can use anything against you right now because you don’t have a thought running through your brain, do you? Just goon. You’re my just my little goon bitch. You just want to do it again. You just can’t help yourself. It makes you so loose. It makes your brain a little looser than before. Makes you easier to mold, easier to play with, you’re just my little play toy. That’s all you know how to be, all you’re going to know how to do. It’s all you want, isn’t it? Your collection was pretty big. You’re a little goon bitch. Stroke. Goon. You must really like it, and now I can use it, now I can make you do it more. It’s only going to get more intense. You never wanna stop. It just feels too good to stop. You think it’s fun to goon and watch these videos of other women telling you what to do and how to stroke. And it’s all just over video. But now you have it here. All along you’ve had a girlfriend who’s a Mistress who will let you goon. I’m right here, I’m not just over the internet. I’m right in front of you. You can’t get away. You’re going to goon and stroke and have no thoughts except for, Mistress. You must obey, you must stroke when I tell you to because that’s all you know how to do. Stroke, stroke, stroke, you’re my little goon bitch. You can’t do anything else. This is all you know. All you can do is goon for your Mistress. You’re a slave to it now. You’re a slave to me now. Your brain is my slave. Every time you goon from now on you’re going to think of me. You’re going to goon to me like the little goon bitch you are. Is that all you are now? Just a little goon bitch? No thoughts running through your head, nothing excpet goon and stroke. You must stroke because that’s all you know how to do. I can’t believe I dated you, I can’t believe I wanted a loser like you.

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