Humiliation POV Video – Your Goon Stick Turns Your Brain Off Goon Until Your Brain Turns To Mush

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Hello there little gooner. Do you know why you’re here? Do you think you’re here just for a little jerkoff session? No, it’s much more complicated than that. You’re down deep into this little rabbit hole that we have created for you to fall deeper and deeper into. Do you know why you’re such a pathetic gooner? It’s not just because you’re obsessed with jerking off and your addiction to porn, it’s because of your lust, you’re uncontrollable lust for powerful dominant women. Your lust has consumed you. You are nothing except for the uncontrollable lust that is permeated throughout every cell in your body. You are inferior. And do you know why? It’s because your lust controls you. You are weakened by your own desires. I am so powerful and so much stronger and superior than you because I can control your lust. Your lust makes you a dumb, horny little gooner. Look at my body, look at the raw sexual energy that oozes out of me with every single movement of my body and every single word that leaves my lips. My words make you feel something deep inside. And now that I control your lust, I control your cock and I control you. Every time you that you whip out that goon stick of yours and start jerking up and down, you turn off your brain. Your brain is no longer in existence every time your lust is present. Your lust for powerful dominant brats consumes you. You are nothing without us. You are nothing without me. So just accept it little gooner, accept how pathetic you are. You waste all of your time, money and energy into this little ‘hobby’ of yours. And now you are in too deep and you can’t get out. You have been consumed by lust. There is nothing left of you. You are nothing in the presence of powerful dominant brats who chew you up and spit you out over and over again. You can’t get enough of it, it just feels so good. It feels so much better to be a little pathetic gooner in my world, than to be an inferior loser in your world. It feels so good to just turn off your brain and just let your desires lead the way. And your desires have lead you here with me. You were meant to be here. This is what you were born to do. This is what you are good at. You are only good at obeying women and having us control your cock and your orgasms. We control your lust and and your lust controls you. You love playing this little game of ours. But it’s more than just a game now, it has become your life. This is your life now. This is your reality. This isn’t a fantasy any more. You spend every night gooner and edging, that’s not a fantasy. You love porn, don’t you? You love watching porn. You love watching hot brats telling you what to do, humiliating you for your chronic addiction to masturbation. But you need that hard truth spit in your face. You need me to tell you what to do and what you need to do is to stay here and turn off your brain and become a little toy for to play with. You love being a toy, you love being toyed with. Let your lust guide you, let your desire lead the way and you will find true enlightenment, true happiness in this little goon hole, in this floating submissive head space. It feels good. And I bring that lust and desire out of you so easily. I know how to control you from within. I know how to plant that seed of lust deep inside your cock and inside of your subconscious. And every time you see me and hear my words you know what to do. You know that you need to obey, you need to jerk off and have me control you and control your cock because I am the keeper of your lust and I want you lust to consume you until you’re nothing. So just goon away, goon and goon until you can no longer have a single thought inside of that dumb mushy brain of yours. There’s no use for your brain. Let me think for you. There’s nothing you can do to escape this. You need this. This is the only thing in your life. Your lust is your purpose. I am your purpose and I love controlling you and telling you what to do. That’s what I’m good at, I’m good at breaking you down until you’re nothing and then building you back up into a submissive obedient toy. Your hand is glued to your cock and your eyes are glued to the screen. You can’t look away, you can’t stop gooning. You need to jerk off, there’s nothing out there for you. Only hearbreak and embarrassment. You don’t need that, you want to feel good. You want to feel like a dumb, submissive fucktoy. I wanna fuck with your mind. You’re just a toy for me to play with and you will thank me for this. You will thank me for guiding you, until your lust breaks you down until you are nothing. I want you to goon and goon until you can’t feel anything except that sensation of your throbbing cock inside the palm of your hand.

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