HUGE 1st Cream Pie With Kippy The Caline – Emma Choice

Duration: 12:57; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: SOLO FEMALE

This is an authentic first time video with Kippy. Someone has left their adorable little kitty all tied up in the woods. She’s fighting to get loose, but she’s giving up. She’s so tired, so sad.. when suddenly a loud howl can be heard! What was that? She has to know, somehow she’s so incredibly drawn to the sound! She puts up a fight against her leash, struggling and ripping until.. POP! She’s free! Running through the forrest, following the howls of an a.nima.l unknown, this little kitty finds herself face to face with Kippy the Caline. Kippy is a feline canine hybrid, who’s ready to empty his balls into this pretty kitty’s little pussy.

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