How Will You Explain This Sissy? – Cruel Girlfriend – Mila Amora

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I’m just curious – how do you plan on explaining these photos to everyone when I ‘out’ you? The frilly panties and bra – the pansy-poses, the thick makeup – the wig and the little sign that says ‘Owned By Mila’. How exactly are you going to explain that to everyone who gets to see you like that? There’s no explaining it sissy – not in a way that anyone would actually believe you. You are completely fucked – when I send these pictures out – everyone will know what you are – a humiliation addicted sissy. So if you’d rather not have to think of some ridiculous excuse for why you’re prancing around in panties you’ll agree to be my sissy… and that means you’ll be agreeing to much more than just prancing around in panties for me. I’ll keep you trapped in sissy clothes forever – trapped into being my permanent sissy. You’ll be my maid around the house – dressed in a pretty uniform and controlled with strict bondage to make your chores EXTRA challenging for you. You’ll be my docile serving girl when I have guests, keeping them happy and entertained with your pathetic mincing curtseys. You’ll be my sissy humiliation muse – made to do the most embarrassing things for my amusement. And you will be my sissy cock-slut. Made to suck dicks for the pleasure of my male friends or for my financial profit. It will mean a life of total humiliation and feminized servitude for you, sissy, but look on the bright side – you’ll never have to explain the photos I have already taken of you. You will be ridiculed and emasculated every day – but you’ll never have to explain your sissy exposure to everyone who knows you.

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