Hot Juls Fetishes – Domme Step Mommy Turns You Into Her Sissy Girl

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I’ve always wanted to have a girl, so I can dress her up in pretty pink bows and dresses. But unfortunately you are a boy…Well, it’s not going to stop me from turning you into a total bimbo in pink. I chose some cute pink lingerie for you, make up and thick dildo. It’s time for a full transformation. You love your domme step-mommy, you follow her rules of the house, you worship and adore her. She is powerful and sexy, but has a wicked side. —— I tell you how much I want you to be my feminized bimbo, that you were born with boy parts but you are actually a girl. You love to wear feminine things and developed quite a hunger for pleasing cock. Follow my directions and obey like a good obedient bitch. I will teach you how to fuck your sissy pussy properly, make it feel like a real vagina….. until you squirt out of your little clit …

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