Hentaied – Talia Mint – Alien Hunter To Good Girl

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It won’t be long before she’s eye to eye with some tentacles, they’re crawling towards her, climbing up her legs, and wrapping themselves around her sword. It’s so strange, she’s not even making a move, as if there’s something wrong with her, as the tentacles are enchanting her mind. One of them manages to wrap itself around her neck, gently choking Talia until she’s fast asleep on the ground. Well, only one thing to do now, the tentacles slowly undress her, revealing those perky nipples, and her dazzling pussy. Next thing you know, she wakes up, but in a different state of mind. She’s placing herself in a doggystyle position, her face is all scrambled, full of lust, in a near-ahegao state. Her pussy is throbbing to be impaled, and she lets the tentacles climb up to enter inside. A couple of those long black alien cocks probe, they go deep, each flailing around to guarantee mutual satisfaction. The sound of her roaring moans grows louder, Talia’s eyes are rolling up, her eyelids are half-shut, and she’s drooling all over. The saliva drips from her chin while she’s swaying from hardcore pounding happening in the back. These tentacles know well what they’re doing, and they’re ready to bring it up a notch. She’s starting to feel them pulsing, and when they do that, based on experience, she’s about to be filled up with cum. Not only is it such a massive amount of alien semen that it’s leaking out of her love cave, but it’s so big that she’s spitting it out of her mouth. She’s ecstatic, but not because she’s been creampied, no, it’s because one of the tentacles is approaching her bunghole. As if it’s laser-guided, one of them dips inside her back door. The look on that lusty face says it all, she loves it. But there’s more to it, another one probes inside in the same fashion, then another one, making it a triple anal penetration, the likes of which she has never experienced before. It’s a truly magnificent sight, and even greater enjoyment for Talia. Just wait until her booty is filled with alien cum, when she starts to push it out of her. It’s almost like a tiny stream of white gooey liquid pouring out under pressure. Maybe that’s the sight that got some of these tentacles especially excited. See, one of them has decided to enter through her mouth. It’s a rather thick one, but this girl can take it, she’s not a quitter. As her throat gets wider, she feels a rumble all throughout her insides. The tentacles have pierced through and exited out of her asshole, gaping it further, just in case that triple anal penetration wasn’t enough. All of this was fun, but none like the final oral creampie. Once she’s been fucked properly, the tentacle retracts back and makes sure to keep releasing alien cock juice inside her mouth. She’s gushing it all over her face, her body is shaking, it’s a total mess, but it couldn’t be any more enjoyable for the two of them. Let’s not forget the reason she was captured in the first place, see, during her previous encounter with tentacles, they have planted a parasite inside her. It controls her urges or rather makes her surrender to the burning feeling in her crotch that tells her to give up and leave her body for the use of alien tentacles. A perfect ending for the perfect real life revenge hentai.

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