Hentaied – Stephany Kyler – The Cinema Room

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Wet dreams do come true, well, at least if you’re Stephany Kyler. In fact, this one isn’t even a dream, it’s a sort of longing, a desire that puts ideas into her mind. On the other hand, it could be that her home cinema is filled with adult movies that are sometimes surpassing the limits of reality. Stephany is no stranger to porn movies, in fact, she loves watching them, and they’re all with our old friend Mr. Alien and his huge black tentacles. Stephany daydreams of his arrival, to be caught masturbating, for her holes to be fucked in this strange, pleasure-inducing creature, for her to reach the pinnacle of sexual ecstasy. That’s the primary reason why she watches these movies alone, over and over again. They make her so wet, and you can see her getting increasingly more aroused and relaxed. At one point, she’ll start masturbating because her pussy is aching for a touch, and it’s too wet to be ignored. Night after night she has done it, but this time, it’s different. Mr. Alien has heard her moans from far away, and he’s here to get some for himself. He can sense her, right there, and before you know it, Stephany is caught masturbating in the cinema, with tentacles crawling over her shoulders. Almost any other girl would be surprised, scared even, but that’s not the case with our Stephany. She bites her lip in excitement, not even able to utter a word out. She feels the touch of a tentacle, and then with the corner of her eyes catches them in movement, and would you believe it, she’s ready. The tentacles begin to wrap themselves around Stephany’s neck, and the other two plunge straight into her wet vagina. Our Russian princess has never been hornier. She had been anticipating it for a long time. Tentacle moves rapidly and forcefully to soothe our girl’s desires. Another tentacle had made its way deep into Stephany’s throat. She’s sucking it, and at times she even lets Mr. Alien take charge and use her throat as if it was a pussy. She gets throatfucked, and her pussy gets pounded hard. The intensity of it, the feeling of a thick black tentacle slithering inside her, it’s all too much to handle and keep in mind that this is what she’s been always waiting for, making the ahegao orgasm glorious. With those movies playing in the background, it doesn’t take long for Mr. Alien to start exploding with new hot cum from all of his tentacles. So he stuffs his Alien creamy spooge into our small beauty. Stephany has been unable to believe that one of her greatest goals has finally come true, and she has been experiencing all of those insane powerful orgasms over and over again. Although incredibly petite, and having such a beautiful tight pussy, Stephanie takes a couple of tentacles in her pussy like a champ. What’s even better, she takes their load, down her throat, inside her slit, the tentacles are bursting everywhere. The thick white liquid leaks out of her love caves, and it’s a wonderful sight to behold.

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