Hentaied – Sonya Blaze – An Alien Inside 2

Duration: 5:54s; Quality: 3840x2160 HD; Category: XXX HARDCORE

The gloomy area was lit by a dimmed light and smelled strongly of sex and terror, it’s a well known picture of a continuation from the An Alien Inside video. Beautiful soles shivering on the floor drenched with a sticky creamy fluid after she has been used by aliens as a cum depository. Sonya Blaze, our incredible Russian beauty, is completely naked on the floor. Sweat beads glisten on her gorgeous body. She’s completely lost, perplexed, and, most importantly, horny. Sonya has no idea what is happening within her body, she’s clenching and spasming, the weird feeling won’t let her side. Something alien is moving around inside her tummy, and it’s giving her a lot of pleasure and excitement….. Sonya’s spasms get harder and more intense, her lovely, large eyes roll up and her head hits the floor. Her tight pussy begins to flow more and more fresh hot cum. As Sonya struggles to stand up, a black head of a massive alien tentacle emerges from her spread out vagina. It begins to move out of her, and the further out it goes the thicker it is, making it harder to push it out. Suddenly she grabs by her throat where’s another one. It’s sprouting out of her mouth, and more tentacles begin to surround her. They are crawling all over her body as if they’re celebrating the birth of new tentacles, but at the same time looking to use Sonya for more pleasures. Her throat, her mouth, everything is filled with cum, it’s leaking out, and suddenly the alien inside her mouth begins to retreat. Looks like its only goal was to throatfuck Sonya and nothing more. But her facefucking is far from over. One of the visitor tentacles wants her to get another taste. It enters her mouth and starts making her suck it. Our sweet Sonya has barely managed to get a breath after so much throating, but the pleasure inside her gives her no room to back off. She wants more of it, she’s the one who’s craving tentacle semen, every last bit of it, and she’s proud. Thanks to the vigorous pounding by the alien inside in both of her painful holes, Sonya absolutely loses control. Our girl enjoyed orgasm after orgasm, reaching the pinnacle of sexual pleasure in the entire Galaxy. Finally, one massive tentacle crawls up her lovely boobs from her pussy. One end of the alien tentacle returns to Sonya’s throat after a massive facial cumshot and the finest creampie ever. And at the same time, the one from her vaginal area begins to slither out, all while Sonya is laying covered in jizz, trembling from orgasms that are still going strong through her body.

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