Hentaied – Kyler Quinn – Up In The Sky

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Above her appear some strange lights, they slow in and aim straight down at her, Kyler has barely managed to let out a scream, before she’s pulled into the spaceship. Her memories are a blur until she begins to wake up, totally nude, her skin glowing as she’s laying on a cold metallic table, surrounded by nothingness. Total void, wherever she looks at, confusion kicks in, she has nowhere to run, as strange tentacles approach her. Two of them climb up her legs, while one goes around her neck. She tries to resist it, but her frail hands are no match for an alien tentacle. She is made to lay down as the tentacle around her neck pins her to the table, and her legs are spread so the path towards her pussy is clear. Kyler once again tries to get free of the hold, but she’s unsuccessful, and after all, she’s got a guest heading towards her pussy. Not even suspecting it, she gets surprised by a thick tentacle spreading her pussy lips and leaping inside her pussy. This is certainly not how she expected her night to go, so she still tries to resist. The growing pleasure certainly makes it harder, especially when you count the fact that she’s going to take a couple more tentacle cocks inside her pussy, making it a triple penetration. All the tentacles are craving to fill her up with cum, they burst inside of her, shooting so much sperm that she’s spitting it out, creating an image of real life tentacle hentai. They may be finished, and they may not fuck her pussy anymore, but she’s got a lot more cavities that the tentacles are willing to explore. First her mouth, she’s going to suck, and she better do it with enthusiasm behind it. However her performance turns out, the aliens are going to lift her legs up even higher, so they could have unrestricted pass towards her anus. Eventually, even that tight brown hole is going to be impaled, she’s going to take it, and it’s going to feel so good that she won’t even attempt resisting anymore. As her bunghole gets pounded, another tentacle joins, heading straight inside her pussy, for double dicking that dreams are made of. You can imagine how it must feel for a small-town girl who has never experienced anal, let alone double penetration, or something even greater. But the tentacles have another trick up their sleeve, one last thing they want to try. All the way through her ass, and exiting out of her mouth, is heading a tentacle. The tip of it peeks out of Kyler’s mouth, and it keeps making its way further out while she’s struggling to take a breath. All the turmoil of her throat clenching and releasing, paired with constant gurgling, is enough to make the tentacle achieve its goal. Upon retreat. It leaves a gift behind, a mouthful of alien cum as a sign of respect to Kyler. Finally, there’s cum everywhere, oozing out of her pussy, getting splashed all over her, and Kyler’s only response is strong convulsions. She’s going through some late blooming orgasms that make her legs shake, with the sound of clanking metal upon which she’s resting echoing inside the nothingness she won’t be getting willingly out of.

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