Hentaied – Jia Lissa and Veronica Leal – Jiology Lab The New Ass-Istant

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Double penetration with four huge black tentacles. Fully creampied and covered in hot alien cum. Fucked all the way through and fully controlled by an alien parasite… Well, Veronica’s first day at the laboratory was a memorable one. She was fascinated by our famous scientist’s discoveries. And when Jia finally took a break to have some fun with one of her parasites, Veronica wasted no time either. She grabbed a new parasite subject… It greedily bit into her neck and then crawled deep into her throat, splashing the secret substance inside. Veronica lost control and became intoxicated with wild animal excitement. When Jia came back and saw her completely naked assistant, she knew where this was going. That every tentacle ever created in laboratory or survived a hellish experiment would come after them. So Jia didn’t hesitate, putting Veronica down on the floor with her legs thrown almost over her head. Thereby baiting the tentacles on her sweet tight asshole and meaty pussy… By the end of the show even Jia could not resist and started to suck huge black tentacle from Veronica’s mouth. As always, let’s start from the ever beginning. We are back to Jia’s laboratory, where all kind of bizarre sexual experiments happen on a daily basis. It’s always hard for Jia to find a proper Ass-istant, which is ready for everything without any questions. Well, today Veronica Leal joins the team. Beautiful but slightly dumb hottie looks all around the lab and touches what she should not touch. Even so, that Jia explained her many times, it didn’t not really help. Anyways, after days, or even weeks of work on her new potion for making dicks (or anything you want) bigger, our sexy scientist is totally exhausted. She put few drops of her magical liquid on one of her baby parasites to see how it will work. Jia took another parasite to have some crazy fun with it and left the lab. Veronica is very curious about all the parasites. Because she saw what for sexual pleasure it gives. Every single inch of your body become horny on maximum. It just shakes in sexual pleasure. So, Veronica grabs a parasite totally forgetting that Jia forbidden it. Hot mulatto chick put it directly on her neck and in a second her face starts to explode with a smile, closed to our favorite Ahegao. Veronica lost all control and drowned in an ocean of pleasure and lust. At this moment, the parasite grows 10 times bigger (thanks to Jia’s dick growing potion). From the neck it crawls all the way directly in the throat of Veronica, spreading arousal liquid. When Jia is back to the laboratory, she finds Veronica totally naked and happy as never before. The doctor of sexual science understands everything immediately. She knows that all the tentacles are already on the way to fuck the hell out of every single alive soul in this lab. The smell of the parasite’s fluid mixed with Jia’s potion makes alien monsters totally crazy. Jia finds the way to save her pussy and ass. She just put enormously horny Veronica on the floor and open her legs. So, all the tentacles come directly in all the holes of our Colombian naughty assistant. So, it works pretty well. Four huge tentacles are ready to penetrate every hole of Veronika at once. Two go directly in pussy and other two in ass. After these ones exploded with a ton of cum, the hugest one comes for Veronica ass. Huge black tentacle goes deep inside girl’s ass, so all the way through her body. Of course, spreading a ton of cum meanwhile. Finally, cum starts to explode from the mouth of Veronica and the head of the tentacle is out. At this moment even Jia cannot resist and start to suck it two. What a beautiful picture

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