Hentaied – Capri Lmonde – Liquid Love

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Capri Lmonde is certainly one of those girls who love cum, she would bathe in it, drink it, rub it in her body like massage oil, everything, and anything. In fact, she loves all forms of bodily liquids, especially those that come from pleasure and bring her even more satisfaction. Our slender ebony cutie with blue hair has already been filled up. Her hands are restrained, face planted onto the sofa, and perky ass swaying in the doggy style position. The creampie starts oozing out of her pussy, a fat load the likes of which you’ve probably never seen before, and her mouth has not been spared either. Front to back, she’s secreting cum, and she loves every moment of it. Her face is full of pleasure, and she wants more, her mind is wandering, she’s thinking of all the liquid, and can’t wait to get more. But with the turn of events, she’ll have to do it on her own, with a specialized dildo that’s awaiting her. Before that happens, she surprises us with lactating tits. After being released from the shackles, she’s pressing the nipples together until they’re shooting out liquid. It’s not so often that you can see this phenomenon in real life, but she’s one of those girls with an involuntary lactation, and she likes releasing all that built-up milk from her breasts. Coincidentally, that also gets her aroused, it makes her think of all the cum that’s been oozing out of her, and how it needs to be repleted. Her pussy hungers for some, but she also doesn’t want to go at it without having been pleased. The said dildo gets positioned under her, and stunning Capri passionately sits on top of it. Her slit eats up the toy almost in its entirety, and she keeps on riding it while moaning out for semen. Girls who love cum aren’t afraid to scoop it all up. After being filled up, she positions upside down, so all the excess liquid slides from her slit down on her face. With a spider gag, her mouth is constantly open, and she has no other choice but to swallow what squirts inside. Load after load, it’s like she’s been stuffed with gallons of cum, and it all keeps flowing out. Her face is splashed, covered in sticky goo, and she relishes every second of this moment. You won’t find a lot of girls who love cum like Capri Lmonde, she’s one of a kind, and the lactation makes her even more special.

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