Hentaied – Canela Skin – The Magical Carpet

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Where there’s magic, there is a fantasy orgasm, the kind that seems too good to be true, but in this story it very much is. See, Canela is a bunny, and not just any kind, she rarely ever leaves her house because fun things happen inside. For some reason, she’s always excited to lay down on her carpet. That reason is quite obvious, her carpet is her lover, so she crawls and rolls all over it. Canela appreciates every tender and gentle touch of her soft carpet. She even talks to it as if it were a genuine person. To say it looks a little strange is to say nothing. But whatever provides this lovely sexy bunny Canela joy and pleasure, we don’t mind, no matter how weird. Canela spent the entire evening with her new closest pal. She even opted to sleep on it at the end of the day. The magical carpet rolls all over Canela a few minutes later. Making the sexy beauty unable to flee from its tight grip. Canela’s enormous flawless ass can only make little jiggling, sensual motions. Mr. Carpet is probably horny and excited thanks to the wiggling motions, and his Huge Blue Dick emerges out of nowhere. And it’s already touching Canela’s wet and hot pussy in a matter of seconds. All of this had a significant impact on our Columbian Hottie. So, in less than a minute, the massive Blue Dildo had already pierced the soaking wet tight hole. You might be surprised, but she knows exactly what she’s doing. The feeling of being embraced, not able to move, while you’re pounded hard is incredibly exciting for Canela. She may act all lovely and sweet at the start, but she’s a real life hentai girl who wants to be pounded into an orgasm. We can see that Canela’s face is instantly transformed into the ahegao fantasy orgasm, crossing large eyes full of sexual desire, sweet tongue out of her lips, and her lovely pink cheeks encapsulate the moment. In the conclusion, a massive blue carpet cock explodes inside Canela’s warm slit, releasing a large amount of fresh cum. Maybe it’s the end for now, but we all know that soon enough, she will once again get rolling on her magical carpet, in hopes of achieving yet another fantasy orgasm.

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