Hentaied – Canela Skin – Oviposition 2

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As all happy tales go, they fall in love, a perfect match. A girl who wants to give birth to babies, with a pussy so insatiable that even fucking machines can’t please her, and an alien with loads of cum to bust inside her, with a sex organ that can fuck for ages and never get tired, this is their story. Some girls would be hesitant to open themselves, but seeing as Canela is already nude, she’s more than prepared to spread her legs. There, lying on her back, she’s playing with her kitten, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s getting wetter than ever before. It has been so long since she got fucked properly, so this alien better steps up and delivers real life oviposition hentai. Don’t you worry Canela, once his long, pink cock with a blue shaft gets in your sights, you’re going to instinctively gasp in satisfaction. Then he gets closer, pushes the tip of the long alien cock against her pussy, and finally dips it inside the warm, wet hole. Almost instantly she makes an ahegao face, who would have thought? She’s reaching heights of sexual intercourse, even though it’s just the beginning. Our Canela opens her mouth wide and gasps for air while her eyes wander around in pleasure. Her skin is glowing, an orgasm like this is exactly what she needs, and Mr. Alien intends on providing more with each thrust of his cock. He goes deeper inside her, spreading that human pussy wide, just the way his mating partner needs it. She enjoys the thrusting motion and soon enough here it comes, another orgasm. Now it’s even more intense, she sticks her tongue out while losing her mind from the intensity. And even though orgasms are the most important thing at the moment, they’re here for something else. Mr. Alien suddenly starts filling her up with his seed. Canela’s pussy is dripping with alien cum while it’s still getting stuffed. He needs this to work, to spread his seed and make her give birth to precious eggs for their colony. It’s a success, he has managed to spread his seed, and it’s time for the height of kinky oviposition hentai. Eggs, one after another travel outside of her pussy. The joy of giving birth to the first members of their colony, along with the feeling of the eggs traveling through her insides is yet another reason for an orgasm. This time, it’s even better, all the excess seed of Mr. Alien is getting spat out by Canela after it traveled all the way through her.

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