Hentaied – Alya Stark and Eve Sweet – Cum Dinner

Duration: 19:9s; Quality: 3840x2160 HD; Category: XXX HARDCORE

If the one and only chance to stay alive is to eat fresh cum for breakfast, lunch and dinner; to be fuck slaves of alien monsters; let a huge black tentacle goes all the way through the body, while fill it with a ton of alien sperm; and finally, to explode with an enormous amount of creamy hot liquid from all the fucked exhausted holes again, and again and again… Will someone take this chance? Two beautiful and absolutely naked bodies are on the floor in the cold dark room. Eve and Alya woke up from a sound of a heavy psycho music. Every single inch of their bodies shakes in fear. Here we go, huge tentacles crawl towards the victims. In an instant, they wrap themselves around the necks of the poor girls. None of the girls can move from the insane shock and fear. Finally, the huge slimy tentacles reach the warm sweet pussies. These monsters become so horny that they choke the girls mercilessly, exploding with hot slime around meaty holes of the girls. In a few moments Eve and Alya are dangling from the two huge alien dicks like puppets. The tentacles greedily fuck their pussies, penetrating deeper and deeper until the moment one tentacle come out of Eve’s mouth. It spreads the hot drops of cum all around and goes straight to the mouth of Alya. So, Alien monsters fuck two tiny helpless chicks all the way through. Every drop of cum falling on their perfect boobs feels like heavy hot stones. Finally, Eve and Alya explode with huge creampies and fall on the floor completely exhausted and heavily breathing and just hoping that all of it is over. Alya crawls to Eve to comfort her, to give her a feeling that everything still can be fine. However, in a moment her face explodes with pain and pleasure at the same time. Another huge tentacle goes straight into her meaty fucked hole. It pushes all the way through, while spread alien sperm inside Alya. Meanwhile, Eve, cannot even make a sound. She just awaits how huge monster will come out of her friend throat and go deep inside her vagina. Well, so it happens. The head of the alien dick comes out of Alya’s mouth and in a second goes into pussy of her sweet friend. It hardly moves in and out until it starts to explode with all the cum. Alya cannot resist anymore and fall helpless on the floor with her face directly in hot fresh cum from Eve’s pussy, while huge tentacle still fucks her all the way through the body… Nobody knows how many days or weeks passed. Girls didn’t get any food, not even few bread crumbs. But there is always an option to enjoy

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