Hentaied – Alya Stark – A Drow Elf

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In other words, she has become a new thing, a drew elf. Luckily for us, Alya will always make us a warm welcome and invite us to visit her. She’s banished from her home, no longer living in the forest, but underground, forever banished from the elven lands and their thriving, but stuck-up society. Now she praises Loth and dedicates her spare time to pleasure, and nothing else. Here, she has found new friends, those who are open-minded like her, and able to provide multiple orgasms throughout the day, sometimes multiple times, restlessly, and that’s what she’s yearning for. His name is Mr. Alien, and his tentacles are the reason Alya is a happy elf. We stumble upon Alya in her living room, relaxing on the couch, and looking as beautiful as ever. Her skin is of a rather purplish tone, and it makes her even more desirable and magical. Her eyes are filled with lust and desire to fuck. Suddenly the long-awaited moment, Mr. Alien comes to pay a visit to Alya. They have been both waiting for this moment, yearning for each other’s touch. A couple of tentacles approach Alya’s feet, they start touching them, and almost instantly, she begins releasing fresh milk from her perfect tits. She makes her dress wet from all the milk, the tentacles are sliding between her legs, and suddenly they enter Alya’s soaked pussy. The mixture of milk and pussy juice makes for the perfect lube, and they also serve as an aphrodisiac to Mr. Alien’s tentacles, which get firmer and more eager to fuck her hard. She gets one in her mouth, her lips wrap around it, and she starts sucking. It goes deep, it’s almost like we’re getting shown how deep a throat of an elf can get. Two tentacles embrace her, hold her tight while she’s getting double dicked by Mr. Alien, she is in ecstasy, the ahegao face proves it, she’s cumming hard. He starts slamming her faster, with the intent of filling that elf pussy with his semen. In a moment she’s double creampie and wants to get a taste of her and Mr. Alien’s juices mixed together. She positions herself, so all the semen drips out and foes straight onto her face. The lust is even greater, it’s like she’s drinking the heavenly juices that make her even hornier. Her face is stickied up, her throat filled with alien cum, and it seems like Alya is finally happy. It’s the best thing she has ever tasted, and she can’t wait to get fed some more in the near future.

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