Hentaied – Adelle Unicorn and Capri Lmonde – Love Me Harder

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ee, Capri has worked all day, she is tired, and who’s to say that a slippery massage isn’t going to get her properly relaxed. So she accepts, gets on the massage table wearing only her underwear, and lets Adelle do all the work. The oil gets spread all over her body, she feels the hands of her best friend running over it, and the whole atmosphere is too relaxing.… Eventually, Capri nods off, but in her half-dream, she can feel those hands running closer to her sensitive areas. Suddenly, horny Adelle slides those panties and starts touching Capri’s pussy. She couldn’t resist any longer, the lust is too strong to resist. But what about Capri? Is this she wants? She does wake up suddenly, just when Adelle was starting to gain some ground. At first, she’s hesitant, barely able to believe what’s going on, but at the same time, it feels so good that she can’t really resist. Adelle, instead of backing down, goes even further, sticks a finger in Capri’s soaking wet pussy, and takes full control. Her eyes are filled with primal cravings, starts rubbing that creamy pussy of her best friend faster, and in return, she gives in. Capri’s eyes are wandering, she’s going through an orgasm of her life, an ahegao lesbian moment no man could ever be a part of, and to think she resisted at first. Now, now she wants to do it all. Adelle turns her over, takes her panties off, both of their pussies are so incredibly wet, so she mounts her friend and those slits start clashing against each other. The perfect scissoring, as Capri keeps orgasming, not even able to think straight from the pleasure that is coursing through her bloodstream, she’s all in. Eventually, Adelle will want to be the one who’s orgasming, and seeing as she’s a dominant minx, the only proper solution is some intense facesitting. She slams her hairy pussy against Capri’s lips, makes her stick that tongue out and do some work on that craving hole, get it even wetter, make it tremble until the inevitable orgasm kicks in. Then it happens, a gallon of pussy juice, she’s squirting it all in Capri’s face, making her swallow as much as she can take spasming from the orgasm. You might think it’s over, but Adelle wants to get a taste of herself, she shares passionate kisses with Capri, they embrace each other in a lesbian ahegao moment of lust, and there’s no end in sight.

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