Harley Sin – Mommy Spreads Her Legs

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Mommy knows how much you need to fuck. You don’t like it when she uses bad words though. So you get into bed with mommy and she makes it all better. Don’t you love when mommy spreads her legs for you? Just like she does for daddy? Your mommy knows it’s her wifely duty, just as it will be your future wife’s duty one day. But don’t worry, you can always come back to bed with mommy. Mommy rides you, you cum a few times but that’s ok. She knows she can get you hard again, milk you dry. Do you want mommy on her back so you can pound her hard. She wants your seed inside her, again. You pound your mommy hard. She’ll always be here for you, to spread her legs, for sex, anytime you want. Just like she’s always done for daddy too, both her boys. Mommy wants you to come inside her wet pussy. Can you feel how wet she is? You leave a dripping creampie inside her and it comes gushing out, just like she wanted XO taboo kink mommy roleplay light cuckolding submissive sluts family dirty talk POV sex MILF POV dirty talk cowgirl loving mommy love virtual sex blonde hair tattoos big eyes long eyelashes long hair long nails athletic body.

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