Goddexx Daphne – GOON Morning – Night

Duration: 10:26s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

Oh slave, crawl on over to Me. You look a little lost! I see so much desire in you, but it seems undirected. Tell Me – do you have deep cravings? I know that you do. I can see them in you. And yet, you don’t know exactly what to do with these cravings, do you? Allll this energy inside of you, all this potential. It needs to be channeled. It needs to be focused. It needs to be… directed. I know how to do that. I know how to channel you, focus you, direct you. I know what a little slave like you needs. Pump that beta cock for Me. I can see how turned on you are already. As you stroke, I will give you a purpose. Something you can craft an identity out of. Something that will become your whole life. I will make you into something good, something useful for Me. I will make you into a gooner. A gooning puppet who will stroke all day long, morning and night. This is your new purpose – stroking and serving Me, every minute of every hour of every day, pumping away, going deeper, giving yourself over to Me.

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