Goddess Valora – Victim To Ivys Lips

Duration: 15:13; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

You’re the new hero in town and Ivy’s lured you into a deceit. She’s not surprised at all that you fell for it but she’s stunned that you’ve never heard of her. Ivy introduces herself and explains that you’re going to be testing out her new lipstick. It produces less toxic than her others so that she can give you very slow doses. It makes you weak and easy to manipulate but keeps you around to serve. She begins to kiss you and it’s wonderful. Her kisses alone are more satisfying than sex. You feel yourself getting lost in them. Round after round of kissing leaves you desperate for more. Ivy smirks as she can see her formula is working. She decides to make this even more sensual as she slides down her tube dress and makes her vines just barely cover her giant breasts. She makes you beg for more then proceeds to intensely make out with you. You can’t control it, you need to cum. But she left out one small detail, if you cum you become her drone. Ivy opens her mouth and tells you to cum all over her hot lips and tongue. You can’t fight it, you end up exploding all over her face as she laughs.

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