Goddess Stella Sol – Slave Training Under Lock and Key

Duration: 26:52; Quality: 1280x720 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

I’ve been out all night being a sexy little vixen while you’ve been locked up in a cage waiting for Me to return and decide what to do with you. I enter the house in a great mood and get straight into explaining to you that you are My property while teasing you with My beauty. I look more beautiful than you have ever seen and more powerful than any women you’ve ever known. you are so hopeful to be let out to play tonight. I provide you with a lease through your cage door that you latch on and then proceed in walking you up the stairs to My bedroom. you are commanded to sit in a chair and I bound you to it demanding that your one rule is that you can not get your little pindick hard if I’m going to let you watch Me undress. you agree. I teased you with an erotic strip show slowly coming out of My gorgeous velvet dress, and then I play dress up into My rich green lingerie, nude stockings, and heels. I look and feel amazing and get carried away overflowing in pleasure because I turn Myself on so much and can’t help forgetting you’re even in the room. When I do recall your existence I see that you’ve broken your rule and are erect. I’m so disappointed and mad at you now. you are so weak around Me. I take out your chastity cage and apply it onto your fleshy meat. I’ve decided that you will no longer get to enjoy My attention, so I grab my phone for a minute, and then go to bed eaving you there bound and stuck watching My tight thonged ass ignoring you while I rest.

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