Goddess Selina Lux – Goonwashed

Duration: 12:57s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

Hello my dear Risk Taker, Hum already hard as usual I can see… So, We are now reaching to THAT toxic blissful point where edging for long hours, and then finally being allowed a hot release is no longer satisfying for you… right You need something more risky, something that can melt your brain while you stroke… You need to be GOONWASHED into extreme Dangerous Pleasure, and become a real ZOMBIE! Stroking for hours your fears away, joining my army of RISK GOONERS TAKERS! Do you dare to make it hurt for my Summer Cruelty? Do you dare to lose your brain to my mindfuckery? Hands grabbing that cock, and eyes glued to the screen you are going to enter another RISKY BLISSFUL ADVENTURE at your own risk… 😉

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