Goddess Natalie – Never ending gooning loop

Duration: 54:26; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

This Tuesday, I am going to give you the privilege of watching one of my most awesome custom videos for little addicts such as yourself. It is a loop – the initial video is about 18 minutes long – that makes it even harder for you to get away from me. If before, you could stop jerking off when the video ended and had a chance of escaping instead of hitting play again, now the video automatically keeps going, so it f*rced you to start edging again. That little bottle of magic will play a different role today, as it will help you soften your cock every now and again. Whenever you will get too close to the edge, I will make you stop and sniff until you got a bit softer. Then tease the hell out of you again until you feel like you’re about to explode. Oh and just to make sure you will be able to properly edge for me for a long time, I will get you to sniff at the very beginning of the clip, too, so you start out completely flaccid for a change! This is also a bit of a challenge clip, so depending on how long you edged for until now, I want you to message me your longest time. You will then play the video either until it’s done or on repeat until you get to the point of edging for longer than your previous maximum. Let’s see how impressive you can be! [p.s.

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