Goddess Kate Alexis – DEEPER HARDER FOR KATE Pt 2

Duration: 14:53s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

You have been longing for this haven’t you pet? To gaze into my eyes as I seduce your senses in my own unique way, inducing you into a deep, deep trance where I can have you exactly here I want you. Whispers feel like they’re right next to your ear in this **IMMERSIVE** clip, my sensual, teasing, mind probing words and delicious curves working to remove every single bit of alpha, replacing it with only the need, the lust, the KNOWING… that you belong completely to Goddess Kate Alexis! In Part 2 of this mesmerizing file I tear down your defenses, getting part the ego and socially embedded constructs that have led you to believe you were in control all this time. This is a one-way ticket down the rabbit hole and into my sensuous, spellbinding realm. My triggers will embed themselves deep into your brain as your mind weakens, loosens.. opens up like a flower for me to tend and encourage as I wish. After watching this you’ll no longer be satisfied with the same, tired old porn. Other dommes won’t be enough for you. You’ll find yourself irresistibly drawn to me and only me, aching to pump and goon, and worship, and beg for permission to cum. I’ve stolen your soul… nothing will ever be the same now. And in Part 2 (coming later) the mindfuck only gets deeper and harder. Consider this an introduction.. just the first step really, into what it feels like to be truly under my control. Featuring binaural beats, ASMR sounds (3Dio mic), sfx, constant eye contact, personal attention, seduction, sensual domination, mind melting mind fuck and so much more! Are you ready to begin?

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