Goddess Jessica – My Little Prince

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You’re just a little prince. You learn all you can from your pop, the King. You soak up your lessons, you behave yourself, you go to bed early. Mind your manners and learn. Be seen and not heard. A giant feast has just ended and now you’re laying in bed, waiting for slumber to shut your eyes for the night. Suddenly that strange woman who brews potions for the royal **** slips into your room. You know she is forbidden from being in your room alone, but you don’t yell out and give her away. She slinks onto a leather couch, smiling coyly at you. The things she’s saying don’t make sense. The things she’s saying fill you with dread. She has the power to seduce you, any man really. Your pop. She is saying she got rid of your momma now. The queen is no more? She says she’s going to fuck your pop to **** while you watch, after he marries you both. She’s going to take over the kingdom as your Queen. She will rule EVERYONE through you. No man has any say when she’s around, she’ll make sure of that. Why aren’t you stopping her? Why aren’t you telling the guards? Why does this feel so good? Why do you actually want this to happen to your ****, to everyone you know?

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