Goddess Jessica – Goodbye Sweet Husband

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I am a sweet little trophy wife and I’ve come to visit you, my dear husband, at your office. I know you’re busy but something has been bothering me and I want to talk about it. You see, the more money you earn every year, the more I fear that some gold digging wh0re will try to lure you away and rip our **** apart! PLEASE tell me that will never happen! Tell me how pretty I am, tell me how lovely my legs are, tell me how succulent my breasts are…. and pretty soon I’ve turned you into a hot horny mess. I seduce you **** n0tically and wave my pussy juice soaked panties in your face. I’ll let you have them if you sign these papers for me, here and here. Oh, and why don’t you put this plastic bag around your head and we’ll tie it up nice and tight with these pantyhose. Honey, your face is turning blue but gosh, it looks like you’re about to cum! Why don’t you go ahead and let it out while I tell you how I’ve managed to turn your precious s0n into a sissified, cock sucking faggot. Oh it’s true! He sends my cum covered selfies all the time. When you finally succumb to my erotic torment, I squeal with glee! You’re out of the way and now I will have your fortune, destroy your families good name and move to Europe to live like a Queen for the rest of my life.

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