Goddess Jessica – Accidental Cuckold

Duration: 10:9s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

You pull into the driveway and your heart drops, your best friend car is here. He shouldn’t be, it’s 2pm, he should be at work. You walk into your girlfriends house looking for him. He’s not in the office, not in the living room, that’s when you hear the moaning. You can’t belive it. You’re sweet, perfect girlfriend is fucking your best friend in the bedroom. You’re too much of a scared bitch to barge in and confront them though, so you slid to the floor in heartbroken agony and wait for it to be over. Finally, after the Yelps of orgasmic bliss subside, your girlfriend notices your home and slips out of the room- BUSTED. She does what she normally does though, blames it on you. You suck in bed, what was she supposed to do? Yeah he’s your best friend, but she MADE him fuck her. Why are you upset, you don’t want her to be happy? Before you know it you are apologizing to her. You are agreeing that she should be able to fuck who she wants, when she wants…

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