Goddess Jasmine, Lady Natt – Our ass drain you

Duration: 08:29; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION, MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION

Your life will consist of begging to pay our ass’ each and every day. You know nothing else and have programmed yourself to be a constant cash flow to our luxury lifestyles. Begging to stroke and begging to pay. You know it will never end and you don’t want it to. The feeling of being penniless and on the cusp of financial ruin is the only thing that keeps b.lo.o.d rushing to your groin. We know how weak you become with the sight of our hot curvaceous ass’ and we just want to fuck with you further. We both knew straight off that our shiny clad curves would drain your balls and wallet in a instant, the way it clings to our round ass just fuels your addiction further. You can’t fight the urge to spend on us, you can’t overpower the aching feeling to touch yourself. You will pay for this clip because you should. You will sit and drool as you watch us torment you to hell and you will buy this clip again and again. Touching yourself and having the privilege of seeing us looking so damn hot come at a price addict and you will pay that price over and over again. We’re going to take it all today loser and it’s going to be so fucking easy. Empty it all for us.

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