Goddess Evelyn – Sissy Cam Audition 2

Duration: 18:35s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: CUM EATING INSTRUCTION

You auditioned for the role of a web cam performer during our last session. You failed, and I gave you the role of sissy slut to fill instead. It was a much better fit, but you still needed a lot of training…so I’m back today to train you. I had told you to have 5 saved loads(3 thawed and two frozen) ready to go, and a cute pair of panties on. My main goal is to teach you to love and save cum. I want you to crave it, beg for it. I begin teasing you with My body, and instruct you to jerk off. As you do I give you lines to say. “Please dadd-y, I need your cum so bad. Please cover My whore sissy mouth in cum so I can taste it”. I make you go so much further than we did last time. Throughout the clip I have you slowly work your way through the 5 loads, and make you end the session with a freak one on your face. I tell you that you only need one more training session before you can start, but with this one, you’ll need 10 loads and a dildo!

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