Goddess Evelyn Black – No More Kitty

Duration: 08:15; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING, HUMILIATION

It’s Halloween, and I am your wife. I ask you to come in and take a look at my skimpy costume. I’m a kitty! I thought it would be a fun way to break to you that you will no longer be getting any kitty from me ever again. In fact, I already have new dick, and he’s taking me to tonight’s party. I humiliate you for your tiny dick, and tell you that I’ve been cheating on you for years because of it. But I can’t take your tiny dick anymore, and it’s time I move onto better, and bigger *wink* things. I feel slightly bad though, and I give you a pity JOI, and tell you about the very first time I cheated on you, and remind you that I am going to get fucked good and hard tonight. No more kitty for you!

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