Goddess Dri – Your Pain, His Pleasure

Duration: 06:43; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

You can be so dumb. I just need to show up here, tease you a little bit, and suddenly, I can take anything I want from you. All of your money. Everything. Doesn’t that feel pathetic? I am so perfect and you buy me all of these pretty things, you send me all of your money, and all that JUST so I can fuck other men. How does it feel to desire me and know that you could never have a chance? Tell me how humiliated you feel when I talk about using you as a wallet. How does it feel to know that the lingerie you buy is being worn to please a real man with a real cock? Tell me that it hurts, I want to KNOW how it hurts, I want to know all about your pain while I please him.

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