Goddess Dri – Here to Serve Me

Duration: 09:58; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

I guess you are here to serve me, right? You are here to please me, to understand how good it feels to serve the right woman. I guess you are here to have a little taste of my power, to DO whatever I want you to do. You are buying this clip because you know that you are nothing but a wallet to me. You are here because you know very well that I don’t care about you. Buying a clip knowing that you’ll feel humiliated is such a loser thing to do but it is good to see you know your place. It is easy to make you dumb and stupid and that’s why you give me your money, you know you can’t get this feeling anywhere else, you NEED me, you NEED to be hurt by me, you know it is only hot when it hurts and I’m the only one who could ever make you feel this way.

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