Goddess Dri – He Will Use You CNC

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You think that I don’t know what is happening? You have been pretending to serve me as an excuse to watch my husband? You have used ME as an excuse to see his cock? When he fucks me you wish YOU could be the one being fucked instead of me? You have never sucked a cock, you have never had anything up in your asshole and still you watch my man and dream about him? You think that I don’t see the way you look at his cock? You will suffer the consequences of your acts now. I told him to use him as he wishes, I told him to use your little whore mouth whenever he feels like emptying his balls. You will be responsible for him emptying his balls. He will fuck your asshole with no mercy and you have no rights to say anything back because you have asked for it, you have always wondered how it would feel to have your hole filled with a big dong, now you’ll know. I describe all the details of how he will use you and your whore holes to empty his nuts.

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