Goddess Dri – Focus on Me

Duration: 05:53; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

See, I do not encourage you to have a sex life, I won’t ever encourage you to have sex or jerk off to anyone else but me. I know this may sound, rude? But I like to be focused on, I don’t want you stroking that thing to anyone else, I want to be the reason of all of your orgasms, I want to be the owner of your orgasms, that is how things work with me. You work hard, make me smile and I give you the most beautiful gift and blessing that is MY attention and me caring about your little cock. Once you agree to this, your cock is mine and doesn’t that sound amazing? You know, your cock? Being mine? A beautiful Goddess like me owning your cock is just such a blessing don’t you agree? You do your part, you serve me well, you do whatever I wish and I will care enough about your dicklet to make it throb endlessly for me, and I will make you the happiest subby on earth once you make me the happiest Goddess.

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