Goddess Alexandra Snow – Product Development

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I am one of the scientists for a pharmaceutical company. As you know the company has been under some stress and we’ve been pay some of our test subjects. I know that you were looking for a raise last year so I thought you’d like to make a little money paqrticipating in this double blind study. It’s after hours, so we’re all by ourselves. I’ve already got some of this mixed up and all you need to do is drink it. Once you do, of coursem you start to feel.. a little.. dizzy. I ask you questions and your answers get slower and slower.Your heart begins to beat and your skin begins to flush. You begin to get so aroused and you begin to ask me sexual questions.. and soon I tell you what the new chemical is. I intend to take over Viagra’s market share with a new compound that affects mental and physical arousal to produce intense desire. I test your responses with my body by stripping out of my clothing and take notes as you struggle.

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