Galas Looner – My Personal Foot Cleaner Shrunk Crush

Duration: 8:58s; Quality: 960x540; Category: DIRTY TALKING

You are such a worthless little wormboy. Nothing but abug to be crushed and ground up under my goddess feet. But first I will use you like the doormat you are. I want you to lay on the floor and stick your tongue out nice and flat so that I can scrape the bottoms of my feet on your tongue. I want you to taste everything that I’ve stepped on today. All the dirt, grime, and I bet even some littlebugs were on the concrete outside. I want you to lie there on the floor as my personal foot cleaner. Your tongue was made for being used like a doormat. All I am going to feed you is filth. Stick out your tongue and enjoy eating the dirt and sweat from my feet before I shrink and crush you and get rid of you for tiny, executrix goddess, big tits amazons big butt, crushing, powerful woman femdom pov

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