Fucked in my Chastity Belt – Obey Melanie

Duration: 08:34; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: FEMALE DOMINATION

My mistress wants sex but insists on keeping my in chastity devices. She lets me fuck her but refuses to unlock my penis. She has a better idea. She makes me pleasure her wearing a strap-on. i fuck her but the only thing I feel are the locks holding my dick in its tube. But don’t worry, I’m determined to make her orgasm. I fuck her hard until she’s moaning and cumming all over my balls. They may have a lock on them, but at least I made her climax. As a final show of my subservience, she makes me get on my knees and kiss her ass and thank her for all those locks she put on my dick. I didn’t cum but I think we all know what a lucky slave I am!

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