Fuck Your Hand, Loser! 1080p – Cat Claw

Duration: 11:47; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING, HUMILIATION

I realized you’re in denial.Blaming self isolation for the lack of sex.I bet you’re doing it to feel better about yourself, so i decided to ruin that for you.I don’t want you to ever feel good about yourself.I want you to suffer.Stop fooling yourself.You’re just a beta loser, and that is the only reason you’re not getting pussy.After everything gets back to normal, you’ll be in the same situation.You’re just not pussy worthy.No pussy for losers! The only thing you can fuck is your own hand.So go ahead, lube it up and slide that stupid excuse for a cock in it.Fuck your hand while i’m teasing and humiliating you!

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