From Daddy To Dipshit – Jamie Valentine

Duration: 08:10 ; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: HUMILIATION, JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

Its so strange this new feeling that’s come over you. Your used to being in control always being the boss.. can you believe you actually used to be the man. You used to have all the girls calling you daddy not me though I call you dipshit. Every time you hear your new nickname your cock twitches a little. How could this have happened? You used to be the boss till I came into your life but now your a loser. Do as I say dipshit.. pull out your cock from me and start stroking for my tits. Your so addicted its pathetic, your powerless. The man you once were is long gone you are now my dipshit. Its funny right you used to be daddy but Im your daddy now.

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