Found Out My Mom Is An Escort – Series 1080p – UndercoverSluts – Melanie Hicks

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Part 1 – My step-mom came out dressed up all slutty like she was going to the club and said she was going out with the girls. I know better, though, and I’ve been waiting to confront my whore step-mother… ALL MY FRIENDS SAW HER ADS ON BACKPAGE! I’m so embarrassed I can’t stand it! She tried to lie to me, so I had to show her the ad on my phone. So she fessed up, and told me “how else am I going to pay for your car insurance and XBOX games?” Step-Dad ran off, and I guess she has a point, she has to make a living somehow. I still wasn’t sold on it, but she did a pretty good job of persuading me. It’s so fucking weird, but my Step-Mom, to demonstrate that sex and sex work aren’t bad things, gave me a strip tease then told me to feel her up! It was awesome, I’m ashamed to say, but WOW my step-mom’s tits and ass are so nice

Part 2 – My step-mom came in to wish me goodnight, and could tell I was upset. I told her I haven’t been able to go to bed cuz I have a lot on my mind. Specifically; the fact that she’s out there escorting with Backpage randoms. I worry about her safety, and I’m still really embarrassed by the whole thing. For real, though, what was REALLY keeping me up, was I couldn’t stop thinking about how she let me see her naked and feel her up last week. I LOVED it! She told me things would be fine, and she told me what a date goes like. She said lots of guys want handjobs, and she says it’s totally normal to get a handjob from your Step-Mom. Besides, it would help me get some rest

Part 3 – THIS IS MY REAL STEP-MOM – My Step-Mom was home when I thought she’d be out on a paid date. She seemed pretty upset. She got stood up by a john. She was sweating cuz the bills are due, and she couldn’t book another date on short notice. She was talking about how dates never eat pussy, and she really likes that, and she needs to relax. Step-Mom told me it was cool if I wanted to eat her pussy. I jumped at the opportunity. Step-Mom seemed to really enjoy herself, spreading her pussy and legs wide open for me! She tastes amazing! She even bent over so I could see her big beautiful MILF ass. Wow I love my step-mom

Part 4 – I was hanging out with my step-mom and asked her how work was, because I’m trying to be more accepting of her escorting. She told me that she is very skilled at her craft, and she’s known for giving the best BJs around. I asked how much she could get for one BJ and she said $500.00. I didn’t believe it, and I told her so. She said she could show me, because we’re at that point in our relationship now. It’s still kinda weird, but wow it feels good when it’s happening. So step-mom got down on her knees and gave me a special treat. I didn’t know my step-mom was a the cock sucking champion of Baltimore, but she made a believer out of me. She even told me to cum in step-mommy’s mouth. Wow she’s the best!

Part 5 – So my step-mom boom stepped up in the room and caught me jerking off! So embarassing. She wanted to talk and I ended up confiding in her that I was a virgin since I’m kind of a dork at school and girls aren’t into me. I asked if she knew another escort that she trusted that would take my virginity. She said she had a better idea; that Step-Mommy should take it, because nobody loves me like step-mommy loves me. I said fuck it. It’s weird. It’s probably gonna fuck me up in the long run, but I wanted her to bounce those big MILF titties in my face. She said let’s go right now, so we did. She’s such a tender loving step-mother. She even told me that I could cum in her! I pumped my own step-mother full of rope after rope of hot cum, and wow it oozed out of her and she loved it!

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