Forever Quarantined With Me 1080p – Princess Miki

Duration: 08:36; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: ASIAN, DIRTY TALKING

Yet another quarantine clip… I debated with Myself on whether I should film one or not. I’ve been your escape during these dark times… why would you want to be reminded of what you are escaping from? But I look at it in a different way. If you met Me during the pandemic, then this extra time on your hands has brought you to Me. If you were already a devout worshipper, this has resulted in you deepening your devotion. These bad times don’t seem so bad, thanks to Me. I’ve been your perfect quarantine partner. But… what will your life look like after all of this is over? Once life goes back to normal, once you have the option to go out again, what will you do? You’ll still be right here, binging on My clips and worshipping Me for hours and hours. Nothing will change. What you’ve experienced here is too sweet to resist, and once you’ve had a taste, you can never go back. Your life won’t go back to normal. This is your new normal. Once this is over, I’ll have completely enslaved your heart. It won’t be self quarantine anymore. It’ll be quarantine, mandated by Me and your desire to please Me.

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