Findomme Princess Zaara – Regressed & Incontinent for Whole Night

Duration: 6:15s; Quality: 960x540; Category: ASIAN, DIRTY TALKING

Today i am going to mind fuck you and curse you so that for the next 12 hours tonight, you will remain incontinent as well as regress. You will develop regressive behaviors, and also find that your bladder and bowel has lost complete control. Its advisable that you wear d2pers before going to bed tonight, or else its inevitable that you will mess up your bed and pant tonight, as you not only regress in age but also become totally incontinent while your bladder and bowel get untrained. You will wet your pant or bed and even mess it up, for the whole night as you would be so incontinent, having no control on your bladder and bowel for the entire night.

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