Felicia Fetish – Sensual Stroking with Goddess

Duration: 19:45s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

Today I have a nice and BIG SURPRICSE for you. I can see your eyes are gluing to that hidden thing between my legs, I BET you know what it is. A nice thick COCK. This night is going to be unforgettable for you! I love when you STARE at my hard, superior, throbbing cock. It gives me so much PLEASURE seeing you watch my every stroke. It is turning me on so much. There is just something about a beautiful GODDESSES with nice big thick cocks, that drives you so fucking CRAZY. I want you to do it with me. Come on pull out your cock and start JERKING it. Stroke your cock, tightly, firmly gripping it with your hand, pump it just like me. EDGE with me and then STOP completely, only I get to blow my load, as you get to WATCH me enjoy my orgasm. You get to cum ONLY when I tell you to. Unlike you, my cock can ejaculate multiple times and looking at your fucking miserable BLUE BALLS, makes me want to do it again. After I cum I want you to stroke your cock again. Stroke build a nice juicy LOAD. Stroke faster and get ready to cum with me this time. After we both cum so hard, you faint, and the camera blacks out for a few seconds. Opening your eyes, you look up and see me standing close, with my cock dripping sticky CUM and still throbbing.

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