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Your sister has really ticked you off, but then again what’s new? She hates your girlfriend and will do anything in her power to break you two up. I guess it’s sort of fair given the circumstances – you’ve been fucking your sister behind your girlfriends back for MONTHS. It’s to the point where you’re seriously considering leaving your girlfriend, but before you do, you’re curious to see if the hate for her runs deep. You head over to your Mom’s house and explain the situation with your sister. She defends your sister (of course) and gives her honest opinion on your girlfriend which confirms that you need to leave her. While you’re talking to Mommy she hints that your sister has told her about your, erm, “special bond”. WHAT?! Does your mom know you and your sister have been fucking? She can read the nerves on your face and assures you she doesn’t mind. In fact, it makes Mommy SO happy to know that her two perfect people have decided to become intimate. She can see that you’re starting to get turned on from all this talk about your sister, and offers to help you release even though she isn’t there. Mommy makes you pull out your cock and stroke while she tells you the most amazing fantasy about your sister and you. Long after you’ve dumped your loser girlfriend, Mommy walks you through how your wedding night with your sister would go. While she describes your sister’s tight pink pussy she also instructs you to stroke at her pace, and demands you not cum until she’s given you permission. It’s getting harder and you need to release, but Mommy is adamant about not letting you cum until she finishes her story. You sit there edging yourself exactly as she asks until she finally begins counting down, and she can barely get to 1 before you’re spraying a load all over the bed and even your Mommy. She wasn’t prepared for how intensely your cum shoots out when you’re horny. Once Mommy makes you cum she’s insatiably horny, talking about her two amazing people creating the most intimate of relationships gets her pussy wetter then you could imagine. She mounts your cock and begins riding you – whispering not to tell your sister so she doesn’t get jealous. Mommy takes what she needs from you and cums all over your cock, but now YOUR still horny. Mommy can see that you need to cum again and lies back on the bed to let you slip that thick cock between her waiting boobies. You LOVE big titties, it’s part of the reason you fuck your sister behind your girlfriends back. And your mom? She has the best tits out of ALL three of them. You pump for a couple of minutes and erupt another giant orgasm so intense it shoots not only on her titties but all over her face. After this experience you can’t wait to leave that subpar girlfriend of yours. All you need is family!

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