Eva de Vil – Relapse Fantasy

Duration: 14:41s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

Relapse-fantasy. That word. So erotically charged. That word that makes you twitch because you just can’t help succumbing to your struggle. It’s not good news for you if you’re thinking about this clip. You know you shouldn’t be watching it. You know you shouldn’t be looking into my eyes. You know you shouldn’t be thinking about spending hours gooning and paying me. But it’s exhausting to fight your true nature and your true desires. Relapse-fantasy is just at the tips of your fingers. You eroticise your own resistance, fetishising your own weakness, making it that much hotter when you finally give in to me. Until you stop being so turned on by the thought of relapsing-fantasy, you’ll never be able to quit. And I’m just gonna keep pushing your buttons and hooking you back every time. Escape with me. I know you’re desperate to, my little addict.

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