Eva de Vil – My Little Toy Man

Duration: 08:04; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

7 minutes in heaven. I walk a slow circle around the little man then give a small twirl. I lay on my belly and begin caressing and massaging his miniature body. I twist around to pull my socks off then begin playing with him between my feet. Setting him down, I stand up, bend over and begin to drag him against my body, from my feet to my neck like a bar of soap. I start kissing the tiny man, increasingly in intensity with deep, long licks, sucking and gently chewing his limbs as well. The 7 minute timer goes off and my face becomes cold and blank. Callously, I drop him to the floor and raise my foot up high before smashing him with several hard, malicious stomps. I don’t say a word the whole time.

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