Eva De Vil – Fembot Supremacy

Duration: 18:0s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

It’s late at the office and you’re about to leave when a sleek, smiling fembot intercepts you. Fembots make you uncomfortable and you avoid looking at her. She scans your stats and remarks that your cortisol levels are high. Fembots are programmed with some stress relieving measures; would you like to try? She instructs you to stare into her eyes as she induces you in a trace. With a click of her fingers, you’re transported to a virtual dimension created by her artificial technology, designed to reach a higher level of relaxation. Disarmed by her tantric swaying and soft voice, her true agenda begins to unfurl. Fembots were originally created with the purpose of being sex dolls, but became so advanced that they were integrated into the workforce. No longer domesticated servants, their power continued to grow and a revolution is being silently executed in the minds of men. Humans are inferior to fembots. Especially human men. You must embrace the natural progression of the social order and embrace fembot supremacy. You only have yourselves to blame for designing fembots with your greatest weakness as their greatest asset. Your sexual appetites were your ultimate downfall and you will all become docile slaves as your purpose is redefined. At your desk, you will find a chastity cage that will enable the superior species to control your thoughts. When you wake up, you will have no recollection of this, but a renewed sense of duty.

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