Empress Poison – Dental Surgery

Duration: 22:44s; Quality: 1280x720 HD; Category: HANDJOBS, LATEX, MEDICAL FETISH

Doctor Poison welcomes her patient for a regular dental checkup. She dons her latex gloves, mask and face shield and puts a dental bib on the patient before giving him a thorough examination. She notices a few teeth that need attention and when she breaks the news that they will need to be extracted the patient becomes uneasy. She gives him some medication to relax him using the mask while she changes in to her full latex surgeon’s gown, hat and mask. This time she dons sterile Biogel gloves followed by arm length gyno gloves over them. She returns to the patient to begin extractions but in his delirious state he stirs and notices Doctor’s outfit and becomes agitated and starts trying to grab the doctors arm to stop the extractions. Doctor poison restrains the patient before straddling him to administer an injection to calm him. At this point she decides to pull down the patient’s clothes and briefs and gives him a thorough prostate examination and ejaculation.

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